What you should know before you install any game on the PC

Yes, what you should really know before you successfully install any game on the PC.


There are a lot of errors that can appear, starting from downloading to installing games.

Errors such as:

The files are missing in Game (d3dx9 dll is missing, d3dx compile shader failed etc),
The Missing DLL errors (msvcr100.dll, msvcr71.dll, msvcr100d.dll etc),
Game.exe has stopped Working,
The Game is crashing after starting (0x0000142 error code etc),

will be behind you if you stick to manuals and advices that you will read in this text.


So let’s start from the beginning.

Before you start downloading any game, you need to (necessarily) turn off the following anti-virus programs:

This is the most important step in this whole procedure!

– Turn off Windows Defender >> SEE HOW

– Turn off anti-virus (avast, avira etc) >> SEE HOW

In case you don’t turn off the anti-virus programs, there can be caused corrupt or deleting game setup files required for installing the game. Don’t worry, your PC won’t get infected by virus.


Did you know that Game Companies are paying to Anti-virus Companies to declare cracks for viruses and that’s how they stop pirates games from working correctly!?


For downloading games, I suggest you the following programs:

jDownloader (download manager)
uTorent (torrent client) >> SEE HOW TO INSTALL

Then, install the following required programs:

– DirectX 9 >> DOWNLOAD

– DirectX 11 >> DOWNLOAD

– Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (x86 and x64) >> DOWNLOAD

Steam (Download, install and create free account)

Origin (Download, install and create free account)

Because the games that you download are mostly in ISO format, you need to install a program which will start them without burning on the disk (that’s good because it is saving your time and money, and in case you don’t like the game you can simply delete it from the computer). That ISO file is in most cases archived in WinRAR, so it is needed to be extracted and for that is also needed a program.
So, programs that I recommend for these actions are:

WinRAR [with crack] – for extracting >> SEE HOW TO INSTALL

Alcohol 120% [with crack] – for mounting >> SEE HOW TO INSTALL

Other programs that you might need (if you don’t have them installed in your computers already), such as Drivers, .Net Framework, Games For Windows Live Redistributable, other extract programs etc, you can find them HERE.

Of Course, it is important to read Minimum System Requirements of the game that you will install!


At last, if you still have any problems during installing and starting any game, feel free to ask me in the comments on this site and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.